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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Aive - アイヴィ

Aive (July 27, 1991) is a Japanese idol. A half Bangladeshi, she does glamour modeling as a gravure idol. She was born in Kanagawa to a Bangladeshi father and a Japanese mother. After a brief stint of fashion modeling for fashion magazines including Cawaii! and Pinky, she began glamour modeling when she was a highschool girl.

Starting as a gravure idol on webzines such as Weekly Playboy Mobile and Cellphone Young Magazine, Aive released her first DVD MSG: Mix School Girl in 2008, where she dressed in various costumes such as school uniforms and swimsuits. She released her second DVD Aiveam in 2009 and third DVD shot in Okinawa, Lovely Aive, in the same year.

She first appeared on television in May 2009 in TV Tokyo–NHK's weekly variety show Itsuzai Second. She had appeared in a total of 17 episodes of the show, in which she had co-starred with Ikki Sawamura, Satomi', Takeshi Tsuruno, Ryotaro Okiayu, Masaru Hamaguchi, Ken Horiuchi, Teppei Arita among others, by April 2010.

After highschool she took a temporary retirement from modeling, and restarted her full-time performing career in June 2011.