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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Miss iD 2016 Nagasawa Marina - 長澤茉里奈

Miss iD 2016 Nagasawa Marina known with the flourish of her boobs but have a baby face like 11-year-old student.

Search contest Miss iD 2016 in Japan  which ended with topped belongs Nagasawa Marina, born on 10/08/1995. Marina made the attention when owner look lovely bright, young faces as primary school girls, as opposed to sexy body and within a flourish.

Nagasawa Marina (Japanese: 長澤茉里奈) is nicknamed Mari-chiu, born in Hyogo Prefecture, has a modest height 1m53, 42 kg heavy, three rounds are 82-54-80 measurements. Marina is a member of idol group Houpriyusu Houkago Princess and small groups, while the swimsuit model and is quite well-known lingerie.

Nagasawa were observed with innocent faces as elementary students.

Miss iD is a contest looking for the girl with training unique to the idol for the entertainment industry, is organized by the publishing company Kodansha. This competition is the launching pad for the likes of Tina Tamashiro (winner in 2012), Rie Kaneko (winner in 2014).

Miss iD 2016 launch from May 9/2015, attracted around 4,000 contestants, 61 contestants entered the finals based on the number of likes and shared on Twitter, phone applications and video views on YouTube .

Marina Nagasawa look so baby when taking pictures with a 11-year-old sister (right). Looking at photos, many netizens commented that looks two girls do not have the age difference.