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Monday, September 5, 2016

Risa Yoshiki - 吉木 りさ

Risa Yoshiki (吉木 りさ) is a Japanese glamour model, actress, and singer. She has released two singles, seven DVDs, and appears regularly on TV and radio.

Risa Yoshiki - 吉木 りさ
Risa Yoshiki - 吉木 りさ

Risa Yoshiki was born in Funabashi in Chiba Prefecture near Tokyo. She wanted to be a manga artist when growing up. In her first year of high school, she was scouted in Harajuku by the Fitone agency. She decided to become an enka singer and trained for two years.

In November 2004, Risa Yoshiki released a DVD of images, "Koi". Her parents were opposed to a career in glamour modelling. From 2009 she became a regular on a variety programme called Campus Night Fuji. In 2010, the programme finished. She also graduated from the Asia University of Japan in the same year.

Her debut as a singer was a cover version of Yozakura Oshichi, originally sung by Fuyumi Sakamoto. She went on to perform with others in the cast of Campus Night Fuji in a group called Campus Nighters. In March 2011 she released a single Destin Histoire under the name "yoshiki*lisa".


In 2010, a television variety programme chose her as the woman with the most beautiful face in an encyclopedia of Japanese celebrities.

In February 2011 her DVDs dominated's rankings for sales of idol DVDs, occupying first, second, third and fourth places. Idol commentator Hideo Horikoshi attributes her success to the contrast of her genuine beauty, of the kind not usually found in glamour models, with a willingness to pose for pictures including crotch shots, cosplay, and bondage poses.

More hot pictures of popular Japanese idol Risa Yoshiki 吉木りさ.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fonchi - フォンチー

Fonchi (フォンチー, born December 16, 1990), also credited as Phongchi, is a Japanese idol of Vietnamese descent. Often dubbed "Idoling No. 8", she is one of original members and has been the most popular member of the Japanese all-girl idol group Idoling. She also does glamour modeling as a gravure idol, having released two photobooks and four DVDs since 2008.

Fonchi was born in 1990 in Hiratsuka, Kanagawa to Vietnamese immigrant parents who came from Saigon, South Vietnam. Fonchi participated in an audition, the SMA Teens Audition, held by Sony Music Artists in 2005, becoming the runner up. She joined Idoling as an original member in 2006.

She began to be known as the "protégé" of Sayuri Kokusho, a seasoned actress known formerly as "Onyanko No. 8", and began appearing on numerous non-Idoling television shows in late 2007. She released her first photobook titled Fon Fonchi in September 2008 and first DVD titled Cam On : Precious Time in October 2008.

Her second DVD A Letter From a Teen was shot in Okinawa and released in September 2009. Her second photobook Ritual Heart was shot in Bali and released in March 2010. Her third DVD F : Angel's Wing was also shot in Bali and released in March 2010, and fourth DVD if : My Little Sister was released in November 2010.

In September 2010 she made her first Vietnam-related appearance at the annual Vietnam Festival event took place at the Yoyogi Park in Shibuya, Tokyo. She appeared in the event as its main host, along with several guests from Vietnam including famous Vietnamese artists as Ho Quynh Huong and NamCuong. Again, she is scheduled to work as the host for the Vietnam Festival 2011 (September 17–18) where the guests will again include Ho Quynh Huong, a famous female Vietnamese singer.

Fonchi always talks about her weight and weight-loss plan whenever she is interviewed. She has been a member of Idoling's Pocchari Dohmei ("Axis of Chubby"), a team consisting of the three heaviest members in the group, along with Erika Yazawa and Erika Tonooka. She has weighed up to 48 kg (105 lb) at 1.65m (5 ft 5 in), and she has stated that she considers herself overweight and has always been dieting. She said about it, "I can't announce my weight until I have a decent weight". She has stated that she has idolized the actress Risa Goto and especially the famous model Emi Suzuki, whose BMIs have been reported to be less than 14.

She has revealed that she has a strong addiction to Caramel Frappuccino, a Starbucks beverage which often appears on her blog. There are about 247 kcal in one Caramel Frappuccino bottle and she drinks it twice a day. This can be one reason why she struggles so much with her weight, but she has stated that she could not live without it.

Aside from her native Japanese, Fonchi is also fluent in Vietnamese. Her first DVD Cam On featured her conversations with native Vietnamese-speaking children.

She is known as a hardcore gamer, more specifically, a hardcore PS3 player. One time she played Demon's Souls in her room and couldn't stop playing it for about 20 hours straight, resulting in skipping an appearance on the Idoling show. She is also a wrestling fan, specifically a Dragon Gate fan and has several wrestling game titles.

As for fashion, in her personal life, she did not show any preference in the 2000s, but since around 2010 when she hit 20 she has shown a strong preference for the Ageha style which does not fit her vibrant idol image.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Leah Dizon

Leah Donna Dizon was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 24, 1986. Her mother is of French descent and her father is half Filipino and half Chinese. Her parents work as casino dealers. Dizon is the fourth of six children: she has two older brothers, an older sister, and two younger brothers. In an interview, she explains that she listened to rock and R&B music and trained in dance since the age of 12. Dizon has said that her mother was "very strict and monitored Dizon's spending habits". When she was 14 years old, she worked at a clothing store and eventually saved enough money to travel to Japan alone for a trip.

She attended the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts for her freshman and sophomore years but graduated from the public Eldorado High School in 2004, where she became active in theater. At the age of 18, Dizon relocated to Los Angeles, California and attended college as a film major for her freshman year.

While living in Los Angeles, Dizon worked as a promotional model for local car shows. Eventually, her photographs were posted online. It was reported that there were 2 million Google hits within an entire year, with the majority of the viewers being located in China and Japan. Much of the attention received was attributed to her unique looks. She was asked by many Japanese fans—who had seen her photographs—to work in their country, which eventually prompted her to submit several demo tapes and dance videos to Victor Entertainment. An agent offered and signed her to a recording contract.

In March 2006, Dizon moved to Tokyo and began Japanese lessons alongside voice training. She released her first photobook, Petite Amie (which means "girlfriend" in French), in October 2006—Petite Amie was ranked as the third best-selling photobook of 2006 and 2007. A few pictorials for various magazines followed.

Dizon made her musical debut under Victor Entertainment on February 14, 2007 with the single "Softly". This was followed by "Koi Shiyō", and "L・O・V・E U" which also peaked at number 7 on the Oricon Weekly Chart. The title track is described as a "grooving, up-tempo dance song" and the single features 2 B-sides: "Could you be that one?" and "Aishiteru: Love Story" (アイシテル~ Love Story?). Koi Shiyō was used in a Lotte TV advert, while "Could you be that one?" was featured in a PlayStation 3 Ninja Gaiden Sigma TV advert, with Dizon starring in both commercials. In September 2007, Dizon released her debut album, Destiny Line, under Victor Entertainment. The CD+DVD Edition contains 14 tracks, 10 of which she penned herself on the single PVs alongside a special album PV "Again and Again". The CD+1 only edition contains the digitally-released remix of "Koi Shiyō", called "Koi Shiyō (Yasutaka Nakata-Capsule Mix)".

After the release of Destiny Line, Dizon continued with two singles: "Love Paradox" and "Vanilla" (both 2008). Her second album, Communication!!!, was released in August 2008. "Under the Same Sky" was used as the theme song for the Japanese drama Tokyo Prom Queen. She made a guest appearance on the show as Naomi, the prom queen from the previous year.

In February 2008, Dizon began dating her stylist Bun (born 1979), whom she had met while shooting the music video for Love Paradox. On October 10, 2008, while three months pregnant, Dizon married Bun in a traditional Japanese ceremony. These initial stages were chronicled and announced during her Communication!!! Album Tour several days after the marriage. Dizon was quoted as saying:

    "I have important news to tell you. I have actually got married! I'm pregnant, too. My family and I are very happy. Now, I think they'll have a lot of difficulties and changes. Of course, it is a little scary. But also, I am interested and looking forward to beginning a new life."

The couple's daughter, Mila, was born on April 24, 2009. On February 14, 2010, Leah Dizon appeared on live television and discussed making cookies for Bun. Subsequently, she confessed that their relationship had been aversive ever since the birth. That same month, she was featured in a spread for Glamourous Magazine, where she discussed motherhood and her hopes to return to the entertainment industry. It was her first magazine cover in nearly two years. On October 31, 2010, she announced that she and Bun had separated and filed for divorce earlier that month, and she was seeking full custody of their daughter. According to Dizon, the split was due to "busy schedules and inability to meet regularly differing opinions toward raising children" alongside "irreconcilable differences". According to a statement released on February 22, 2011 by Dizon's agency, Dizon received full custody of their daughter Mila and details of their arrangement were private. Their divorce was finalized in December 2010. Dizon currently resides in New York City with Mila, where she is taking acting classes. Dizon has stated that she would like to return to Japan for work in the future.

In June 2011, Dizon filmed commercials in Manhattan for Shonan Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. The commercials were released on August 17, 2011.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Rola Chen - 陳怡

Chen Yi (simplified Chinese: 陈怡; traditional Chinese: 陳怡) (born May 13, 1987), better known as Rola Chen, is a Chinese-born Japanese gravure idol from Hangzhou

While in middle school, she was nicknamed "Flower" (花). According to Chen, in China, the most beautiful girl in a school earns this title. She describes herself as a hardcore narcissist, as she photographs herself at least 100 times within a day by using her own digital camera, while she often mocks herself (especially on her blog) even using vulgar words.

Rola participated in the Super Girl show and made it into the top 50, being discovered by a music producer from Japan. After a visit to Japan in October 2006, she made her debut in May 2007.

She has appeared in over 36 television programs, over 30 magazines, two radio programs, one television drama, one television commercial (for a canned coffee brand product of Asahi Soft Drinks) and released a photo book titled Rola♥Rola.

Her current noted works include her appearance in the 2008-launched NHK educational program "Chinese language on TV", where she has appeared as the host alongside Eiko Koike (as the student role) since March 31, 2008.

Haruka Ayase - 綾瀬 はるか

Haruka Ayase, born as Aya Tademaru on March 24, 1985 in Hiroshima Prefecture, is a popular Japanese actress, model, & singer. Her immediate family consists of her father, mother, and one brother. As a youth, Haruka was active in sports, playing basketball in middle school and competing in the Chugoku region Ekiden tournament (long-distance relay race) during junior high school. Then, during her freshman year in high school, Haruka started her career in the entertainment world by successfully auditioning for the 25th Horipro Talent Scout Caravan. At first her parents objected to Haruka pursuing a career in entertainment, but relented once they noticed her determination. Upon her arrival in Tokyo, Haruka worked out frequently and trimmed her weight by 6 kilograms.

Haruka started her career first as a gravure idol, releasing a photobook and DVD. She then branched off into acting landing small roles in televsion dramas, with the 2003 Fuji TV drama "The Way I Live" (Boku no Ikiru Michi) making a positive impression on the public. Her career then went into overdrive with her popular performance as Hirose Aki in the 2004 TBS televsion drama "Crying Out Love, in the Center of the World." Haruka beat out 723 contestants for the role of Hirose Aki in "Crying Out Love, in the Center of the World."

More recently, Haruka has become just as popular on the big screen performing as the leading actress in such films as "Cyborg Girl" "Happy Flight" "Ichi" and "Oppai Volleyball." Her diversity as an actress should also be noted as Haruka performed as a cyborg in "Cyborg Girl", an airline stewardess in "Happy Flight," blind swordswoman in "Ichi" and a junior high volleyball coach in "Oppai Volleyball".

Haruka has also created a successful career in music, releasing her for first single "Period" in 2006. Her debut single went straight to #8 on the weekly Oricon singles chart. She also released two other singles, "Kosaten Days" (2006) and "Hikoki Gumo" (2007), which received similar levels of success.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Yui Aragaki - 新垣結衣

Yui Aragaki (新垣結衣, born June 11, 1988) is a Japanese idol,model, actress, singer, seiyū and occasional radio show host of Ryukyuan ancestry. She is particularly recognized for her beauty and her movie projects.

Aragaki's career began when she appeared in the junior fashion magazine nicola. Upon learning that the magazine was looking for a new face, Aragaki's sister turned in an audition profile for her. Aragaki won the Grand Prix and officially became an exclusive model for nicola or a "nicomo". In 2001, her fellow nicomo Ayako Enamoto nicknamed her Gakky.

Aragaki expanded her modeling career into gravure in 2004. She also appeared in variety shows and commercials; she is best remembered for her TV advertisements for Pocky. In 2005, she graduated from the magazine and subsequently acted in the TBS drama Dragon Zakura alongside fellow Japanese idol Tomohisa Yamashita and actress Masami Nagasawa, marking her breakthrough in show business. Since Dragon Zakura, Aragaki had been cast in various dramas such as Gal Circle and My Boss, My Hero. Despite graduating from 'nicola', she still appears in the magazine occasionally. She currently holds the record of appearing the most number of times as its cover girl.

In 2007, she starred in Waruboro with Shota Matsuda and Yuu Shirota. Afterwards she was cast alongside Hiroshi Tachi and Shigeaki Kato in the TBS summer drama, Papa to Musume no Nanokakan in which Aragaki plays a high school student who exchanged bodies with her father, a middle-aged salaryman. Aragaki was also cast in the movie Koisuru Madori (Tokyo Serendipity) with Ryuhei Matsuda. Later that year she appeared in the tragic drama Koizora/Sky of Love with Haruma Miura which won Aragaki a string of Newcomer awards, most notably in the Japan Academy Awards. To date, Aragaki has won five Newcomer awards for the movies Waruboro, Tokyo Serendipity and Koizora. Her fifth award was in honor of her role in the ¥3.6 billion-grossing movie, Koizora. Her tremendous number of movie shoots as well as the preparation for her debut album resulted in her suffering from work-related stress in 2007.

Outside acting she also released her first album, Sora, and the single "Heavenly Days", a song from Koizora. "Memories", the theme song for Tokyo Serendipity, was included in her debut album. She also performed her at Budokan. She also released two singles in 2008, "Make my Day" and "Akai Ito". "Make my Day" was used in the NHK drama Hachi-One Driver, while "Akai Ito" is a cover of a song written and performed by Kobukuro during their indie days, in commemoration of the duo's tenth anniversary in the Japanese music industry.

In August 2008 Aragaki' played intern Megumi Shiraishi in the medical drama Code Blue: Doctor Heli Kinkyuu Kyuumei, with Tomohisa Yamashita and Erika Toda. At the same time she made the movie Fure Fure Shojo. She also appeared in Ballad, with Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, as a feudal princess. She released her fifth single PIECE in February 2009.

Aragaki also hosts GIRLS LOCKS!, part of the Japanese radio program, SCHOOL OF LOCKS!, together with other U-20 idols Maki Horikita, Chiaki Kuriyama and Nana Eikura. She also works as a voice actor.

Sayuri Anzu - 杏さゆり

Name: 杏さゆり
Name (romaji): Anzu Sayuri
Real name: 佐々木さゆり / Sasaki Sayuri
Profession: Gravure idol, singer and actress
Birthdate: 1983-Sep-20
Birthplace: Kanagawa, Japan
Height: 164cm
Star sign: Virgo
Blood type: A
Hobby: Listening to music, makeup, fashion and drawing
Languages: Japanese and English

Sayuri Anzu is a popular Japanese bikini idol. At the age of 18, she has appeared on many Japanese magazines, Japanese Drama shows, and Idol books. She has appeared on the cover of several Japanese men's magazines. In this picture set, Sayuri Anzu is dressed in bikini and it is clear why Sayuri is so popular.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Aive - アイヴィ

Aive (July 27, 1991) is a Japanese idol. A half Bangladeshi, she does glamour modeling as a gravure idol. She was born in Kanagawa to a Bangladeshi father and a Japanese mother. After a brief stint of fashion modeling for fashion magazines including Cawaii! and Pinky, she began glamour modeling when she was a highschool girl.

Starting as a gravure idol on webzines such as Weekly Playboy Mobile and Cellphone Young Magazine, Aive released her first DVD MSG: Mix School Girl in 2008, where she dressed in various costumes such as school uniforms and swimsuits. She released her second DVD Aiveam in 2009 and third DVD shot in Okinawa, Lovely Aive, in the same year.

She first appeared on television in May 2009 in TV Tokyo–NHK's weekly variety show Itsuzai Second. She had appeared in a total of 17 episodes of the show, in which she had co-starred with Ikki Sawamura, Satomi', Takeshi Tsuruno, Ryotaro Okiayu, Masaru Hamaguchi, Ken Horiuchi, Teppei Arita among others, by April 2010.

After highschool she took a temporary retirement from modeling, and restarted her full-time performing career in June 2011.